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Folly Lake (17 km from Campground)The Cave (1 km from Campground)
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Folly Lake (17 km from campground)

Folly Lake is a spring-fed lake of more than 200 surface acres. It is one mile long and a half of a mile wide. Folly Lake formed 10,000 years ago when melting waters from glaciers dammed up both ends of an ancient mountain pass with rock debris. Today the dams and a quarry that nearly surrounds the lake are an available source of gravel and rock for the construction of roads.

Activities and Fishing

  • Waterfall
  • Boating
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Hiking
  • Birding
  • Downhill Skiing
  • Museum
  • Snowboarding


  • Perch
  • Trout
  • Salmon


Explore Nova Scotia

Come explore Nova Scotia's rich cultural heritage and breathtaking scenery by browsing through the tourism and travel information found throughout this website. Canada's Ocean Playground has something of interest for all visitors!

You can embrace the spirit of the perfect road trip here. A car is optional, because you can also bike, hike, sail or paddle your way to spontaneous discovery. Throw away your map, and find as much freedom in the stops in-between as in the places you planned to go.

Masstown Market

Just a few km down from the campground is Masstown Market. The Market has built its reputation around great service and fresh, local foods. Here you’ll find fruits and vegetables, home-style baked goods, delicatessen and gourmet products, a café and dairy bar, our Grapes & Grains NSLC boutique, unique giftware and a fully stocked garden centre. Visit the Lighthouse Interpretive Centre and Fresh Fish Market.  Enjoy a family fun day at Captain Cob’s Corn Maze later in the summer.

World Highest Tides

The Bay of Fundy’s tides also cause tidal bores when the incoming tide reverses the flow of Fundy’s out-flowing rivers.


Fossils and Seacliffs

The Bay of Fundy has a diverse coastal landscape of breathtaking cliffs, sea caves and rock formations. Fundy’s geological diversity tells a story of millions of years of natural history with Triassic age dinosaur discoveries, fossils showing evidence of the evolution of life, and semi-precious gems and minerals.

Cobequit Segway

2-hour Segway tours for up to 4 people at a time: Victoria Park in Truro, the Trans Canada Trail in Northern Nova Scotia, and the Cobequid Bay area. Tours are offered year-round (weather permitting).

Camping with pets:

Camping with pets is extremely popular right now and these safety tips and basic camping guidelines have never been more important.

OddJob Hats

Supply Checklist and Emergency Preparation Resource Guide for Camping, Backpacking, and Hiking from OddJob Hats has an additional resource. 
Supply Checklist for Outdoor Recreation - Oddjob® Hats (

Debert Flight Center

Coastline tours, aerial birdwatching charters, flight training, aircraft rentals.

Accessible Travel: Mobil Homes for people with disabitities
To make a barrier-free vacation possible for people with limited mobility.
Disabled-friendly motorhomes for accessible camping (

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